How Immigrants Are Gaining A Voice in Court

During Trump’s administration, the arrests of undocumented immigrants have increased 38%, according to Immigration and Customs Enforcement data.

Undocumented immigrants facing deportation are not entitled to legal representation, making them more vulnerable to deportation.

The American Immigration Representation Project was founded soon after Donald Trump’s election to the presidency. The donation-based project recruits lawyers from big law firms and assigns them to cases referred by overburdened legal services groups to protect undocumented immigrants from deportation.

free legal help
Volunteer lawyers set up a table at Los Angeles International Airport to help arriving passengers impacted by Trump’s travel ban. Photo by Mike Blake from Reuters.

Immigrants with attorneys fare better at every stage of the court process: They’re four times more likely to be released from detention, 11 times more likely to seek legal relief, such as asylum, and twice as likely to be granted some sort of legal protection.

Immigrants with legal representation are four times more likely to be released from detention, according to the American Immigration Council.


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